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RMF FM, the most popular radio station in Poland, has become a media partner of the 2023 European Games. The radio station will air spot campaigns, and its journalists will provide live coverage of the most important events from all arenas of the upcoming sports feast.

The Kraków-Małopolska European Games could not have dreamed of a better media partner. RMF FM has been the number one radio station in Poland for years – it is the largest and most popular music and news station, as well as the most opinionated medium in the country. The Media Monitoring Institute reports that journalists from other titles cited the radio station more than 23,000 times last year.

RMF FM radio is the first private radio station in Poland. It is now part of the RMF Group, whose main shareholder is Bauer Media Invest GmbH. Its target group is mainly people in the 25-39 age range.

The radio station will feature spots promoting the upcoming Games, and the station’s journalists will be present at all arenas of the country’s largest multidisciplinary event to share the greatest emotions with listeners and infect everyone with the love of sports.

From June 21 to July 2, all of Poland will be united by the European sports. Tickets are still available here. And if you can’t make it to Krakow and Malopolska in person, we invite you to listen to RMF FM, so that, even without leaving home, you will be close to your favorite athletes.