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December 12, 2022 – a significant date for the development of swimming sports in Poland. At that time, a modern swimming pool in Rzeszow was ceremonially commissioned. On it will be held the competition in diving during the European Games.

According to the president of the Polish Swimming Federation, Otylia Jedrzejczak, the facility “is one of the best, if not the best on our continent”. Its construction cost 26 million zlotys.

The mayor of Rzeszow, Konrad Fijołek, who said in December – “Today we officially hand over for use the most modern swimming pool in Europe and perhaps in the world. I believe that at this facility, under the guidance of great staff, future champions will grow up.”

The swimming pool at Matuszczaka Street meets FINA rules for diving competitions, which allows the national team to train in individual and synchronized jumping. The pool is 29 meters long, 25 meters wide, and has a depth of 1.8 to 5 meters. The facility is equipped with six swimming lanes, pool towers with heights from 1 to 10 meters, and 1-3 m trampolines. It is also possible to learn scuba diving, synchronized swimming and play water ball.

Fans have not been forgotten either. The stands can seat about 400 spectators.

The swimming pool is not located in the center of Rzeszow, but it is easy to reach by car or public transportation. In the latter case, bus lines 11 and 30 run most often from the city center (you can go to the end of the route: Matuszczaka Pętla). On Podkarpacka Street (not far from Matuszczaka go buses of lines that run directly from the Rzeszów Główny train station (for example, line 59 from the Bardowski stop). In this case, to get to the swimming pool you need to get off at the stop: Podkarpacka/Matuszczaka.

When driving to Rzeszow by car on the A4 highway (from Krakow, Tarnów), it is best to enter the capital of Podkarpacie through Krakowska Street. From it, turn right on Wincentego Witos Avenue, which then “changes” to Batalionów Chłopskich Avenue (the long stretch should be driven straight all the time). From this avenue you need to turn right again into Podkarpacka Street, and after a while turn left into Matuszczaka Street.

The investment cost nearly PLN 26 million. The project was subsidized from the Fund for Physical Culture Development under the Investment Program of Special Importance for Sport – EDITION 2021 with the amount of PLN 12,506,300.