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Sandra and Krakusek are stepping in! The Salamander and the Dragon – symbolising Malopolska and Krakow, the hosts of this year’s European Games – were chosen as the official mascots of the summer sports celebration back in October, and now their final image is ready, and we get to know them as they really are. The friendly pair will reinforce the main message of the Games, “We are unity”, making the time before and during the event even more enjoyable.

Sandra and Krakusek are the result of the imagination of the most talented participants of October’s competition, which brought together children from all over Europe aged 5-15. The unique dragon design by 15-year-old Katarzyna Biśta from Libiaz is a perfect symbol of the local culture and history of Krakow – the legend of the Wawel Dragon is known to every Pole. A black-and-yellow amphibian inhabiting southern Poland, drawn by 10-year-old Gloria Goryl from Wojnicz, is a perfect match for Krakusek. The pair was “brought to life” by talented graphic designers, who are responsible for the final image of the mascots. The playful mascots love a good time and are already stirring up all the positive emotions that await us from the first day of summer.

The two mascots, male and female, are not only unique symbols of Krakow and Malopolska. The duo is meant to reinforce the message behind the Games’ slogan, “We are unity”, and help promote the importance of gender equality in society. The Dragon and the Salamander bridge the worlds of mythology and reality and bring people from different backgrounds together – just as sports does.