Texto alternativo para invidentes

On the first day of diving competition at the Olympic Games, the micro team competition was held. The gold medal was won by the Ukrainians, the silver medal by the Italians, and on the lowest step of the podium stood the Spaniards. Poles did not compete in this event.
The athletes jumped both from a trampoline (3m) and a tower (10m).
Nine teams took part in the competition: Armenia, France, Greece, Spain, Germany, Norway, Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy (a total of 36 participants).

Before the start of the competition, the coach of the Polish team Andrzej Kozdranski said that the Germans, Ukrainians, Italians and the British should be counted in the fight for medals. In the end, after a series of three jumps from the springboard (two individual and one synchronized), Ukraine was already in the lead. This team did not lose the first place during the trials from the tower (also two individual and synchronous).

The top team competed as follows: Ksenia Baiolo, Danilo Konovalov, Anna Pysmenska, Oleksiy Sereda.

On Friday, at 10 a.m., the preliminaries of the ladies’ tower jumping will be held. On the same day, the final competition will be held at 8 pm. A few hours earlier, the athletes will compete for medals in the synchronized jumping competition of the mixes (start at 3 pm). The red and white will compete only in the latter.