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During the Third European Games, competition in diving will take place at the swimming pool in Rzeszow. The athletes will begin their struggles on Thursday, but the coach of the Polish senior national team in the sport, Andrzej Kozdranski, said that the white and red athletes will start, however, a day later.

On the first day of the struggle at the swimming pool in the capital of Podkarpacie will be the competition of mixed teams jumping from the springboard (3m) and the tower (10m).
Friday afternoon will see the final competition of women jumping from the tower and the synchronized jumping competition from the trampoline.

A day later, medals will be handed out in synchronized jumping from the tower and in the men’s competition from the trampoline (3m).
Fans who will be in the stands of the facility located on Matushchak Street on Sunday afternoon will see the final struggles in men’s synchronized tower jumping and women’s synchronized jumping from the trampoline (3m).

On Monday there will be struggles of ladies in synchronized jumps from trampoline (3 m) and individual men also on trampolines (but 1 m).
On Tuesday, in Rzeszow, the ladies will compete in synchronized jumping, and the gentlemen will compete individually (in both cases from a tower).

Wednesday, June 28, will be the last day of competition at Rzeszow’s swimming pool during the European Games. At that time, medals will be handed out in women’s jumping from a springboard (1m) and in men’s synchronized jumping, also from a springboard (but 3m).

It is worth recalling the Polish team for the European Games in water jumping:

  • trampoline 1 m women – Kaja Skrzek, Aleksandra Blazowska
  • trampoline 3 m women – Skrzek, Blazowska
  • trampoline 1 m men – Andrzej Rzeszutek, Kacper Lesiak
  • men’s 3 m springboard – Rzeszutek, Lesiak
  • men’s 3m springboard synchronized – Rzeszutek/Lesiak
  • men’s 10m steeplechase – Robert Lukaszewicz, Filip Jachym
  • men’s 10m synchronized tower – Lukaszewicz/Jachym

About 130 athletes from 25 countries will compete for medals in 13 competitions in the capital of Podkarpacie during the Third European Games.