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The organizers of the sporting event, which will already take place in less than a month, are putting in a lot of work to ensure an unforgettable experience for all fans. For this reason, there will be a fan zone in the center of Krakow, and commercial zones at many sports venues – all to make the visit to the EG2023 events more attractive.

The European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 will be watched by hundreds of thousands of fans. It is for them that specially designated zones will be created, with numerous attractions prepared in each of them. The fan zone located at Galeria Krakowska on Jan Nowak Jezioranski Square will be equipped with sports attractions related to the sports discipline played at the venue, games for children and interactive attractions. There will also be a large screen on which to watch the Games – cheering together will certainly provide strong emotions and an amazing atmosphere.

Commercial zones will appear at sports venues in 10 cities and each will consist of areas such as a sports and animation zone, an information zone, a sponsorship zone, a commercial-merchandising zone, a ticketing zone and a catering zone.

The main goal of the sports and animation zone is to present sports disciplines in a way that is accessible to children and adults. In the zone a particular sport will be presented, so the organizers will want to encourage all visitors to participate in activities related to a particular sport – everyone will be able to feel like a real EG2023 athlete. An additional attraction for the youngest ones will be face painting and various contests with interesting prizes. For advertising exposure of sponsors and partners of the Games, there will be a sponsor zone, where each of them will be able to display their products – flags, tents, balloons, and, most importantly, provide attractions for fans.

The commercial-merchandising zone is a space where you will be able to buy unique souvenirs of the European Games in the form of dedicated gadgets – T-shirts, mugs, scarves and other things. Being in the ticketing area, there is, of course, no shortage of opportunities to buy tickets for this unique spectacle, so all those who are late to buy them don’t have to worry about missing out on their favorite sports. While following the competition, when the time comes for a tasty meal, you will be able to go to the catering area. Presenting information about the European Games and the sports events taking place will be the main task of the information zone, and there will also be volunteers there to provide information about the events.

These zones have the potential to become unique places of good entertainment and provide unforgettable, positive experiences, showing sports struggles at the highest European level, while promoting Olympic ideas and uniting sports fans of all ages.