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Ski jumping competitions are one of the most anticipated events of the upcoming European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023. Swiss Ski just announced the five-person team for the event.

The ski jumping competition is shaping up to be a great celebration for fans. The biggest stars are expected in Zakopane, and we can be sure of a wonderful atmosphere in the stands. It is confirmed by the World Cup competitions held in Poland every year, which many athletes describe as the best in the entire calendar of this prestigious event.

Five competitions are scheduled in Zakopane. Men and women will compete for medals on the Srednia and Wielka Krokiew hills, and additionally a mixed team competition will be held on the normal hill.

Although the deadline for announcing the national teams is June 2, the Swiss have already decided to select the tournament’s top five. The country’s two best athletes in the World Cup standings, Gregor Deschwanden and Dominik Peter, supported by Killian Peier, will appear on the start line. Thus, four-time Olympic champion Simon Ammann will be missing in Zakopane Among the women, Sina Arnet and Emely Torazza will appear on the start line.

Fans are very much hoping that the biggest Polish stars will fight for the medals of the European Games: Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła or Dawid Kubacki. Although no official decisions have been made yet, Polish Ski Association President Adam Malysz already announced in April, in an interview with TVPSPORT.PL, that the federation would push hard for this. – This is in the plans of coach Thomas Thurnbichler. We will also be very keen on it. I can’t imagine not – he said.

It is to be no different for the other national teams. – We have assurances from the respective federations that they will come to us in their strongest lineup – assured the president of the Organizing Committee of the Games, Marcin Nowak. This is confirmed by the choices of the Swiss, who have decided to send a really solid team to Zakopane.

Program of ski jumping competitions in Zakopane:

27.06 (Tuesday), 17:30 – normal hill (HS-105) – women’s individual competition

28.06 (Wednesday), 17:30 – normal hill (HS-105) men’s individual competition

29.06 (Thursday), 17:30 – normal hill (HS-105) – mixed team competition

30.06 (Friday), 17:30 – large hill (HS-140) – women’s individual competition

1.07 (Saturday), 17:30 – large hill (HS-140) – men’s individual competition