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Europe’s best judokas fight for Olympic qualification. What will consist the team competition held in Krynica Arena?

On Saturday in the Krynica Arena, the best athletes in the world will compete at the European Games in team judo. 22 national teams have announced their arrival, including Poland. The stakes of the competition will be the European Games medals, but not only. The best will receive an Olympic qualification and European Championships medals.

Team Judo at European Games

The teams will battle six against six. It could be most interesting if there is a tie at the end of the competition. Then, according to the rules, the competitors will draw lots among themselves to see who will fight with whom for the victory. In this case, there is no division into weight categories, so the fights are bound to be spectacular. 

What is judo about? The principles of the discipline are well explained in the film: “Quick guide to judo”, which can be viewed below.