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The first day of the European Athletics Team Championships Silesia 2023 is behind us. The great feast of the Queen of Sport has begun! In one place we can watch 2,000 competitors from almost 50 countries. Fans can follow the struggles of athletes from all over Europe during 37 competitions from the stands of the Silesian Stadium for the next 5 days.

The competition program includes sprint, middle and long distance running, hurdles and steeplechase, relay races, high jump, long jump and triple jump, shot put, as well as discus, hammer and javelin throws.

The top scorers on the first day of competition included: Sharlene Mawdsley, Janet Richard, Franko Burraj, Sopiko Shatirishvili, Luiza Gega, Levon Aghasyan, Alexander Aue, Andrea Miklos.

Athletics competitions are held according to a schedule that includes division into individual divisions and morning and evening sessions. Until June 22 we will be able to follow the struggles of teams from the Third Division in the morning, and in the afternoon and evening – from the Second Division. The next 3 days are Superleague, i.e. the time of competition between teams from the First Division, including, among others, the Polish national team defending the title of European Team Champion from 2021. The full schedule and division into divisions can be found at https://stadionslaski.pl/wydarzenie/druzynowe-mistrzostwa-europy-w-lekkoatletyce-silesia-2023.

It is worth emphasizing that entrance to the next two days of the competition, i.e. from 21 to 22 June, is free of charge. So everyone could come and see with their own eyes what such a great sports event looks like. In turn, tickets for the days from June 23 to 25, when the best European teams will compete in the arena, are available at https://tickets.european-games.org/eg2023/athletics. Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket offices at gate no. 4 of the Silesian Stadium. Superleague tickets range from PLN 20 to 100 PLN.

We invite everyone to participate in this unique event. There are still 5 days of exciting competition and sports experiences ahead of us, which are worth experiencing together at the stands of the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów.