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Another big step is behind us, ahead of this year’s celebration of European sports, which will take place in late June and early July in Kraków and Małopolska. On Friday, January 20, the President of the Organising Committee of the 2023 European Games, Marcin Nowak, handed over the official flag of the Games to the mayors of the partner cities, Nowy Targ and Zakopane.

At the City Hall of Nowy Targ, Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Witold Kozlowski, Mayor of Nowy Targ Grzegorz Watycha, Senator Jan Hamerski, MP Anna Paluch and President of the European Games 2023 company, among the gathered guests – representatives of local governments and the media, together admitted that the co-creation of the largest European multidisciplinary sports event of the year is a great honor for each of the partner cities, including Nowy Targ. 

After the ceremony of handing over of the flag, from the hands of Marshal Witold Kozłowski to Marcin Nowak, and then to mayor of Nowy Targ, Grzegorz Watycha, the president of the European Games 2023 company stressed that the upcoming event will be an excellent opportunity to promote Małopolska as a safe and friendly region, especially in the turbulent times we live in, and near a tragic events beyond our eastern border. – The Małopolska region has excellent sports infrastructure, so the choice of Nowy Targ was not accidental, the chairman of the Organizing Committee added. –  The slight modernization of the local Arena will ensure that the boxing competition, which is a continental qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris, can be held in the perfect conditions, and Nowy Targ will be on the lips of all Europeans, and everywhere around the world – Nowak said.

Mayor Grzegorz Watycha shared the same level of enthusiasm. – As co-host of the Games, we will do our best to make sure that the boxing competition, which has such an amazing status, will run as smoothly as possible. The Arena is mainly known for its hockey matches, but thanks to funding from the Małopolska, this will be the beginning of something new – the facility will gain freshness, and all the next competitions will be held in much better conditions. I already invite everyone to Nowy Targ – he concluded.

Boxing at the III European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 will be one of the most prestigious disciplines. And this is thanks to the decision of the International Olympic Committee, which decided that the largest European Olympic qualification will be held during the Games, where it will be possible to win as many as 44 tickets to Paris. During the nine days of competition at the Nowy Targ Arena, 350 male and female athletes will compete for thirteen sets of medals. The stands, in turn, will accommodate more than three thousand spectators. The competition will begin on Friday, June 23 and will last until July 2, with a break day scheduled for June 29. Final fights will take place during the last two days of competition.

The flag with the logo of the European Games has also been given to the second of the partner cities, Zakopane, where ski jumping competitions will be held on the Wielka and Średnia Krokiew hills. During the ceremonial handover of the flag, Zakopane’s Mayor Leszek Dorula and Zakopane Deputy Mayor Agnieszka Nowak-Gąsienica also joined the previously gathered guests.

The first element of the meeting was the symbolic handing over of the flag to the Zakopane Mayor, who acknowledged that the European Games are a very important event for the city, which in the future will enable the city to organize world-class events. 

Zakopane’s parliamentarians also spoke at the ceremony. – The European Games are a great opportunity to promote the qualities of Zakopane and the traditions of Polish sports. The Podtatrze region is the cradle of Polish downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and ski jumping, and it is certainly necessary to consolidate this position, as it is an important part of our tradition – admitted parliamentary representative Anna Paluch, who also congratulated the city of Zakopane on the title of partner city, and assured that the region will certainly fulfill its responsibilities as an organizer. 

Senator Jan Hamerski congratulated the Marshal on the Małopolska, and the local goverments on taking part in organizing the Games. – This is the success of the Małopolska , in the competition of organizing the Games we were able to reach the podium –  he noted. The organisation of the Games will be a rehearsal for Zakopane, before its future events.

Ski jumping, which is a spectacular sport, will attract crowds of thousands under the Wielka and Średnia Krokiew in Zakopane. The summer competitions at the 2023 Krakow-Małopolska European Games will be held on hills covered with artificial surfaces. The thrilling competition with 95 best male and female athletes from across Europe will be followed for five summer days, from June 27 to July 1.