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Would you like to become a part of the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 organising team? There’s still a chance! The Organising Committee announced on Tuesday that the volunteer recruitment is extended, and will last until the end of March. “To me, volunteering in three words means: a smile, adventure and youth”, says 59-year-old Tomasz Karnia from Dabrowa Gornicza, who has participated in 91 events and is now preparing for the European Games.

The European Games are getting closer and closer – there are just over five months left until the event begins. The best athletes from all over Europe will come to Krakow, Krynica-Zdroj, Zakopane, Tarnow, Nowy Targ, Nowy Sacz, Krzeszowice, as well as Chorzow, Rzeszow and Wroclaw. A unique, large-scale event in ahead of us. The Games will be a celebration of sports, a time of rivalry and emotions at the highest level. What’s exciting, every one of us can become a part of it.

Second recruitment

On Tuesday, January 17, the Organising Committee of the European Games announced the second round of recruitment of volunteers. So far (on January 17) 4836 people have applied. Why did they fill out the application form? Motivations vary, but candidates most often emphasize that working at a major sports event is a great experience, a chance to make new friends, and simply an extraordinary adventure.

“I love the atmosphere of the Olympics. Being part of a great team and forming bonds with newly met people that can change my life. I also want to polish my resume, as I plan to become a volunteer at the 2026 Winter Olympics as well.” – wrote one candidate. Others emphasize that they love sports and want to be as close to athletes as possible. “I am very interested in sports and want to see how the organization of such an event looks like from the inside,” another candidate noted. Just as importantly, the experience gained from volunteering can be a real springboard for a future career. What’s also worth noting – for some, it is also an excellent opportunity for a student internship.

The Organizing Committee estimates that about 8,000 volunteers are needed

However, the organisers of the European Games are waiting not only for young people. The offer is also addressed for seniors, and special documents have been prepared for them. It is worth noting that foreign languages skills are not necessary. This is an additional advantage, but there are also positions for which it is not required. Volunteering at the European Games is a great opportunity for socializing, staying active, and a chance to work with young people. The organisers will surely benefit from the experience of our seniors.

Opportunity for seniors

Among the candidates for volunteers of the European Games, is 59-year-old Tomasz Karnia. He started his adventure with volunteering seven years ago, and has already participated in 91 various events. A Pole is the best proof that volunteering is addictive, and at the same time gives you a chance to feel … younger. “Young people are looking for an adventure while volunteering. I am looking for the feeling that youth gives you. A lot of young people are going to the European Games, so I can’t miss it”, he says with a smile.

What do we know about people who have already sent the recruitment papers? The majority of candidates are young people, and women (59 percent). 71 percent of the applications come from Poland, but there are also candidates from almost all over Europe, as well as from outside the continent. Most people want to spend the Games in Kraków, but Wrocław, Zakopane and Tarnów are also high in this ranking.

The start of the European Games is getting closer. It is still not too late to get involved in the organisation of this event, which in 2023 will be the largest sporting event in Europe. The organisers are waiting for applications until March 31. In April, the second stage of recruitment will begin, which will consist of interviews. The Organising Committee estimates that around 8,000 volunteers will be needed to run the event efficiently.

All data on volunteering at the European Games Krakow – Małopolska 2023 can be found on our website.

The European Games Kraków-Małopolska will start on June 21, 2023 and will last until July 2. About 7,000 athletes from 48 European countries will compete not only for medals at the European Games. Most of the competitions will also have an Olympic Qualifications status, and some of them also the European Championships.