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A specially patented table, players bending like ninja warriors and rapidly gaining popularity around the world. There is no doubt that teqball will be one of the most interesting sports at the European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023. Here are 7 interesting facts about this sport.

1. Teqball table is a patent-protected design. However, it is no wonder, since the work on its ideal shape took more than two years. Thanks to many tests, it was possible to create a unique shape that minimizes the likelihood of accidental plays during the game.

Teqball game
Teqball game

2. Teqball was invented in 2014 by Hungarians: Gabor Borsanyi and Viktor Huszar. The first was a professional soccer player, but found the ball was becoming too aggressive and, fearing injury, began looking for an idea for a different sport. The second is a computer scientist who became curious about the technical side of the sport.

3. According to the inventors of teqball, it is the fastest growing sport in the world. After less than 10 years, more than 100 countries already have their own teqball association.

4. However, there is no doubt that teqball is one of the most spectacular and exciting disciplines at the European Games. There will certainly be no shortage of such action during the tournament in Krakow:

5. Teqball is not an expensive sport, as long as we have something to play on, because then all we need is a sports outfit and a ball. However, if we would like to buy our own table, we have to reckon with an expense of at least 4 000 euros.

6. Teqball is often the pastime of professional soccer players, for whom it is a supplement to training, and ambassadors of this discipline are former great players such as Luis Figo, Robert Pires, or Carles Puyol.

7. Polish teqball has its own Robert Lewandowski, and his name is Adrian Duszak. The winner of many medals at major events is scheduled to perform at the European Games in Krakow and Malopolska 2023.

During the European Games, teqball will be played in five competitions from June 28 to July 1. The most important games will be played at the Main Square in Krakow.