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The three competitions of jumping on plastic matting, as part of the III European Games in Zakopane, are already behind us. All competitions so far have been held on the Średnia Krokiew, the so-called normal hill, and each time a representative of Austria stood on the highest podium. On Thursday evening a mixed team competition was held. The Austrian team won, followed by the Norwegians and third place went to the Slovenians. The Polish team eventually placed fifth just behind Germany, although after the first round they had a good chance for fourth place. There are two more individual competitions ahead of us at Zakopane’s Wielka Krokiew: on Friday the ladies will compete, and on Saturday the men will compete at the end of the European Games.

Once again in the ski jumping competitions on the plastic matting, the representatives of Austria proved to be unrivaled. This time in Thursday’s mixed team competition at Zakopane’s Średnia Krokiew. Winners: Marita Kramer, Jan Hoerl, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, and Daniel Tschofenig scored a total of 939.3 points well ahead of second-placed Norway, and third-placed Slovenia. So this is already the third gold medal for Austria, previously the country’s ski jumpers won gold in the women’s and men’s individual competitions.

In the mixed team competition, Poland took a high fifth place thanks to excellent jumps by Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Zyla and a completely decent performance by the ladies, Anna Twardosz and Nicole Konderla. This time the competition was held under perfect weather conditions – no wind so dangerous on the hill, and under shining sun. 

The mixed team competition was the last ski jumping competition held on the so-called normal hill. Starting tomorrow, the competition moves to the legendary Wielka Krokiew, where the women’s individual competition is scheduled for Friday and the men’s competition on Saturday. The schedule every day of the competition is the same: at 4:30 pm the trial round is scheduled, while at 5:30 pm the first competition round will start, followed directly by the final round. Especially Saturday’s event promises to be very interesting for