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Aleksandra Miroslaw won the Polish championship in speed climbing in great style, and the time she clocked is better than the world record. In 101 days’ time, competition in this discipline will begin in Tarnów during the European Games Krakow – Małopolska 2023.

Aleksandra Miroslaw is the most successful athlete not only in Poland, but also in the world. She is a two-time world and European champion. At the Tokyo Olympics she came fourth, but that was because three competitions counted. She won her favourite speed climb, but did worse in the others. In 2024 in Paris, there will no longer be a multisport, only medals for individual competitions and the Pole will be the main favourite. She also holds the world record for the 15-metre vertical wall in 6.53 seconds.

During the Polish championships in Lublin, Aleksandra Mirosław improved this time twice. First, in the preliminaries, she only needed 6.5 seconds to get over the wall. In the final it was even better – she won with Natalia Kalucka, and her time was 6.39 seconds.

However, these great results will not be recognised as new world records. This is because the Polish Championships were not held as an IFCS – International Federation of Sport Climbing – event. This is how the Pole enjoyed her world record at the Tokyo Olympics.

During the Krakow – Małopolska European Games everything will be official and there will be no obstacles to Aleksandra Mirosław setting a new world record on the climbing wall located in the facilities of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Tarnów (the stands will hold 2,500 spectators).

A total of 100 athletes will take part in the competition, which will begin the next day (22 June) after the opening ceremony of the Games. They will compete for medals in three disciplines – speed climbing, bouldering and guiding. There should be no shortage of excitement and Polish successes, because apart from Aleksandra Mirosław, the world’s best are the sisters Aleksandra and Natalia Kałucka.

– Our women’s team is made up of five strong athletes, each with a completely different story and coming from a different background. That’s why it’s a bit of a coincidence, but in general we are a very hard-working nation, and in this sport it works,” believes Kalucka.