Diving Arena

The swimming pool, located on Matuszczak Street, was opened in December of 2022. It meets FINA rules for diving competitions, allowing national team training in individual and synchronized diving. The pool is 29 meters long, 25 meters wide, and has a depth of 1.8 to 5 meters. The facility is equipped with six swimming lanes, pool towers with heights from 1 to 10 meters, and 1-3 meter springboards. It is also possible to learn scuba diving, synchronized swimming and play waterball.

At the disposal of the athletes are: a professional gym, and video-recording system – all in accordance with FINA requirements. In addition to professional locker room facilities, the complex will also have cardio training equipment, a sauna, a grandstand, a press area with a conference room and lifeguard rooms.

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About Rzeszów

Rzeszow is the beautiful, atmospheric capital of the Subcarpathian region and the largest industrial, academic and cultural center in southeastern Poland. This beautiful city lies at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, on the Wislok River.

Rzeszow is a city with a long tradition, so it boasts many valuable monuments. The market square in Rzeszow, is always bustling with life and color. Beautiful parks and extensive green areas, throughout the city, are a place of rest for many residents and tourists. In Rzeszow, quite a lot of interest is also attracted by the Underground Tourist Route, located under the surface of the Market Square, as well as other numerous hiking and biking trails. For lovers of outdoor walks, a great option would be a stroll along the Wislok River, where the Professor Szafer Nature Path extends, where many rare specimens of flora and fauna can be admired. Unspoiled nature, picturesque landscapes, richness of history and culture are undeniable assets of the city, while Poland’s largest artificial water reservoir – Solina Lake – attracts water sports enthusiasts and provides opportunities for active recreation.

This city also lures young people – especially students, as there are several universities located here. Without a doubt, strolling along Rzeszow’s promenades will be an extraordinary adventure and attraction!

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