Strzelecki Park

Strzelecki Park is the green heart of Nowy Sącz. There is a fully roofed amphitheater in the park and it will be the arena of breaking competition. The stands will fit 3070 people.

The park surrounding the amphitheater underwent a thorough revitalization in 2021. The activities covered alleys, trees and architectural development.

Today, the park has numerous playgrounds, a pond, a fountain, a health path with outdoor exercise equipment, a multifunctional sports field, tennis courts and a graduation tower.

Strzelecki Park

About Nowy Sacz

Nowy Sacz is one of those places where you can’t get bored. It is worth discovering its various faces: a multicultural city where history mixes with the present, full of unique art and… famous for its delicious ice cream.

It is one of the oldest towns in Malopolska, situated on the banks of Dunajec River, in the heart of the picturesque Sacz Valley, at the foot of four mountain ranges: the Beskid Sadecki in the south, the Beskid Wyspowy in the west, the Beskid Niski in the east, and the Roznow Foothills in the north. It is there, a short distance from Nowy Sacz, that Lake Roznowskie is located – a place for relaxation and water sports.

The ruins of the medieval Royal Castle, the Sadecki Ethnographic Park or the Galician Town take visitors to the past and invite them to the world of the traditional folk culture of the Sacz region. Another gem of the region is the Nowy Sacz market. Beautiful Renaissance and Baroque tenement houses and mysterious alleys or courtyards hide many interesting stories. One of the stunning buildings is the eclectic town hall with its impressive façade and tower, which is now the seat of the city authorities.

It is also worth exploring the suburbs. The Beskid Sadecki offers plenty of picturesque trails for all lovers of mountain hiking.

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