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At the European Games, we will not enjoy just participating, but will try to win a medal. With Jerzy we are like fire and fire, we understand each other very well,” emphasizes Marcin Maszczyk, who, together with Jerzy Janowicz, will perform in the padel tournament during the European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023.

What did you feel when it became clear that you would perform at the European Games?

– Joy, because I had been preparing for it since September. During that time I had to reconcile training, home, children. At 40, a person has many more obligations than as a 20-year-old.

Since when have you been playing as a pair with Jerzy Janowicz?

– Since December, but we have known each other for a couple of years, the first time we met was just on the paddle. I had been playing for a long time, he was invited then.

Then how long have you been playing padl?

– About 10 years, together with a group of friends we were forerunners of this sport in Poland. There were no courts in our country at that time, so we traveled to play in Berlin. We traveled around the world to play, all with our own money. We had no financing, but somehow we managed.

So the European Games will be the icing on the cake of your career?

– In terms of playing professionally, yes, but I will definitely continue performing. Padel is a way of life, so my adventure with it will certainly not end with the Olympics.

What are your hopes for the performance in Krakow?

– There is a very real chance to get far. We won’t enjoy just participating, we’ll try to win a medal.

Do you understand each other well with Jerzy Janowicz?

– Very well, because we both understand the essence of the sport and the way you get to the result. Our communication is easy, because I was also a competitive athlete, as a tennis player I was listed on the ATP lists.

Communication with Janowicz is easy? Many times he has become known for his explosive character.

– It doesn’t bother me, because I am also explosive. Our approach to the match is the same, so if I were to compare us, we are not like fire and water, but fire and fire. Temperaments have to be matched, in padel you have to understand each other.

The padel at the European Games promises to be exceptionally attractive, as the battle for the medals will take place on the Main Square floor.

– I am convinced that the matches will be watched by thousands of people. Because even if someone comes to Krakow as a tourist, he will definitely stop and watch the match. It’s cool that the rivalry will be in such a location, because this will help promote our sport more strongly.

Have you ever played a paddle in a similar location?

– The spectacular location was Doha, where we played the 2021 World Championships. It was exactly the same place where the ATP tournament is held. But from the room we had a view of such a special shelf “hanging” from the skyscraper, where the padel court was located. You have to admit that it was done on a grand scale.