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Sixty-one goals in six games were seen by fans who gathered in crowds at the Beach Arena in Tarnow on Tuesday to follow the first day of competition in the men’s and women’s beach soccer tournaments at the 3rd European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023.

It was a successful day for the Polish national team. The ladies confidently defeated the Czechs 5:1. It was a one-sided game. The highlight of the match was a beautiful goal scored by Katarzyna Nowak.

The men won 7:2 against Azerbaijan. However, the match did not start the way the hosts wanted it to, as their rivals took the lead in the 4th minute thanks to a nice shot from distance by Elshad Manafov. A minute later Filip Gac led to a draw, and after another three minutes the Poles were already winning thanks to a goal by Jakub Jesionowski.

Before the end of the first period, the hosts’ lead was further increased by Michał Witkowski, who was the only player to finish the match with two goals. Also on the scoring list were Jakub Bistuła, Daniel Baran and Witold Ziober.

Switzerland’s Dejan Stankovic was impressive, scoring seven goals in his team’s 9:4 win over Moldova. In the men’s tournament, the Portuguese (who beat the Spanish 7:5) and the Ukrainians (who won 6:5 against Italy) also opened the competition successfully. In the second match of the women’s competition, the Spanish won over the Ukrainians 6:4.

Six more matches will be played on Wednesday. All matches of the women’s and men’s tournaments during the 3rd European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 are broadcasted on the TVPSPORT.PL website, the TVP Sport mobile app and on Smart TV.

Beach soccer – June 27:

Group A: Poland – Czech Republic 5:1
Group B: Spain – Ukraine 6:4

Group A: Portugal – Spain 7:5
Group A: Azerbaijan – Poland 2:7
Group B: Italy – Ukraine 5:6
Group B: Moldova – Switzerland 4:9

Schedule June 28:

13:00 Italy – Moldova / men, group B
14:30 Italy – Ukraine / women, group B
16:00 Portugal – Azerbaijan / men, group A
17:30 Switzerland – Ukraine / men, group B
19:00 Portugal – Czech Republic / women, group A
20:30 Poland – Spain/ men, group A