Texto alternativo para invidentes

The Polish 3×3 basketball players defeated Serbia 20:18 after extra time and will play in the quarter-finals against Israel on Saturday at 14:20.

For the promotion of basketball, nothing better could have happened. The Poles’ journey from hell to basketball heaven will be remembered for a long time to come. In the meeting with Serbia, Piotr Renkiel’s charges simply did not get going at the beginning. Duro Dautović and Marko Milatović, on the other hand, threw from behind the arc as if inspired. Mateusz Szlachetka broke the deadlock, Adrian Bogucki added the third point. At the right moment Przemyslaw Zamojski hit for two points and Poland led 8:7. After a while it was a tie, but the happiness was short-lived. Again it was the visitors from the Balkans who gained a three-point lead (15:12).

At the 16:18 mark, Bogucki threw from under the basket and the Serbs committed a step-back error. In an exciting end of the basic game time, the Poles kept their cool and led to overtime.

In it, in accordance with the coach’s tactics, the ball went twice to Bogucki, who did his job to the medal and gave a two-point win.

In the second match of the Polish group, the Estonians won against Germany, but not enough to count on second place, which went to our western neighbours.