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Ahead of us are the last two days of excitement when it comes to ski jumping on plastic as part of the III European Games. We are actually waiting for the two most important competitions – the women’s and men’s individual competitions at Zakopane’s Wielka Krokiew.

The natural legendary hill with a history of more than 100 years is one of the most beautiful facilities of its kind in the world. But it is also, according to some ski jumpers, demanding, and impeccable technique is necessary here. Today, Friday, June 30, the women’s individual competition will be held at the Wielka Krokiew. The trial series is scheduled for 4:30 pm, the first competition series at 5:30 pm and the final series immediately after. Among the favorites are the Austrian athletes, headed by Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, who won two gold medals in the previous competitions, individual and mixed teams at the Średnia Krokiew. The composition of the Polish national team has not yet been announced, we can only guess that the “sure thing” is Anna Twardosz, who performed by far the best of the Poles in the mixed yesterday. Everything also indicates that the athletes will have ideal conditions for jumping – short-term weather forecasts promise a sunny and rather windless afternoon.

On the last day of the ski jumping competitions on the plastic, July 1, the most exciting individual men’s competition on the Wielka Krokiew awaits us. It is known for sure that Piotr Zyla, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch will take part in the event. The full composition of the Polish national team for today’s and tomorrow’s competitions is expected to be published by the Polish Ski Association soon.