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Table tenis competition part of the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 will start on Friday on Hutnik Arena, today the draw of the tournament took place. Players will compete for medals in three disciplines: singles, mixed and team tournament.

Poland’s Jakub Dyjas, who will take part in the third European Games (previously in Baku and Minsk), will face the Slovenian Deni Kozul (134th on the world list) in his premiere match in Krakow, and the rival of polish youngest hope, Miłosz Redzimski, will meet Italian Nigol Stoyanov (131st place in the ITTF ranking).

Katarzyna Węgrzyn’s opponent in the second round of singles will be Sofia-Xuan Zhang (127th in the ITTF ranking) from Spain.

All the players mentioned above will start the competition from the second round. Natalia Bajor, due to the seeding, is exempt from participation in the first two rounds and will start the struggle only from the 1/16 finals.

Samuel Kulczycki and Katarzyna Węgrzyn will meet their opponents in the first round of the mixed game on Thursday. Our representatives in the 1/8 finals will face the Hungarian mix – Nandor Ecseki/Dora Madarasz.

In addition to the competition in singles and mixed doubles, medals will also be awarded in the team tournament at the third European Games. Polish players, will face Belgians in last 16 (in case of a win White and Reds will face face Germany in quarterfinals), while polish women’s team will play against the Austrians.

The tournament at Hutnik Arena will take place from June 23 to July 1.