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The European Games are getting closer. On Monday, February 27, another important agreement regarding the organization of the European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 was signed at the Sports Infrastructure Management Board in Krakow. President of the EG 2023 company Marcin Nowak, vice president Michal Langer and ZIS director Krzysztof Kowal signed an agreement regarding the lease of the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium by the European Games 2023 company.

The Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium is an important venue in the program of the European Games – it is here that the opening and closing ceremonies of the event will take place. The facility will also host the Rugby 7 competition, with more than 300 players and athletes expected to participate. The agreement signed Monday covers a one-month lease of the stadium by the company. – We are putting the stadium under the company’s ownership. This is not easy, as the stadium will be used for matches of the Wisla Krakow team. The stadium is also used all the time by other tenants, who will also have to function somehow during this time. However, there are no worries about the organization. We have had a number of discussions with the tenants of the premises in the stadium, specifying what kind of restrictions await them in connection with the Games. – Krzysztof Kowal said.

The ZIS director also assured that the ongoing modernization at the stadium will not endanger the deadline for the work, which was set for May 31. He also listed the changes that will be made to the facility. – First of all, the stadium’s facade will be changed, energy-saving conditions will be improved, and the replacement of air handling units is also planned. I hope that all this will make the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games at the stadium great. – he added.

President of the company Marcin Nowak summarized the events taking place at the stadium during the Games. – The heart of Krakow’s sports will be at the Wisla Krakow stadium, a facility without which none of the citizens of Krakow can imagine their sports life. We, too, could not imagine the 3rd European Games without this facility, hence the idea to organize the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games there, as well as the rugby 7 games,” he said. He also briefly outlined the plan for holding the three events at the stadium. – Immediately after the inauguration, we have to put all the infrastructure away without destroying the turf and everything around it, because a few days later the rugby 7 competition will be held there. After the competition is over, early enough, before July 2, once again this stadium will be thoroughly prepared for the closing ceremony of the event. – he said.

The signatures were applied on Monday to six documents, comprising two agreements. – The second agreement is a little surprise. – Krzysztof Kowal said. The Cracovia Marathon will feature a night run dedicated to the European Games.

-Taking place on April 22, the night run will be dedicated to the European Games, during which about six thousand runners will run along a route through the most beautiful places in Krakow: the city center, the Kazimierz district, and the Main Square itself. We will promote the Games during this event. – announced the director of ZIS.

-The night run will allow all participants to feel as part of our project. Every person who takes part in the run dedicated to the 3rd European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023 will be a part of our team and will contribute to the fact that this event will be talked about for many years to come. It will be a unique opportunity to have a great souvenir. – invited to participate, Marcin Nowak.

During Monday’s meeting, the design of the T-shirt that runners will be able to purchase was also presented. The Games Night Run will be held on April 22, and registration will begin as early as Wednesday, March 1.