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The first seven gold medals of the boxing tournament at the 2023 European Games have been handed out. The French anthem was heard twice today.

Women 54 kg: Stanimira Petrova (BUL) vs Lenuta Lacramioara Perijoc (ROU) PKT 5-0 [30:27, 29:28, 30:27, 30:27, 30:27].

Taller and operating well with straight punches, the Bulgarian woman confidently took the gold medal. Only in the second round Perijoc was able to make the fight equal.

Women 60 kg: Kellie Harrington (IRL) vs Natalia Shadrina (SRB) PKT 5-0 [29:28, 30:27, 29:28, 30:27, 29:28].

It seemed that after her win in the semifinals over another Olympic champion, today Harrington would have it downhill, meanwhile her rival from Serbia set the bar high and won the first round on the scorecards of three judges. However, the favorite took control of the duel from that point on and proved her superiority in the next six minutes.

Women 66 kg: Oshin Derieuw (BEL) vs Busenaz Surmeneli (TUR) PKT 0-5 [27:30, 27:30, 27:30, 28:29, 26:30].

Surmeneli fights like a man and perhaps beats as hard as men. In the entire tournament only Rosie Eccles put up an equal fight with her. Today, in the fight for the gold medal, the Belgian representative did what she could, but could do little. The Olympic champion now also became the European Games champion.

Men 51 kg: Billal Bennama (FRA) vs Samet Gumus (TUR) PKT 4-1 [28:29, 29:28, 29:28, 29:28, 29:28].

A very good fight conducted at a fast pace in the semi-distance. After two rounds there was a tie on the judges’ cards, but the Frenchman finished better and secured the gold medal.

Men 63,5 kg: Sofiane Oumiha (FRA) vs Lasha Guruli (GEO) PKT 4-1 [30:27, 29:28, 28:29, 30:27, 30:27].

The taller Guruli tried to draw his titled opponent into a tactical battle. The French representative initially couldn’t find his rhythm, but with time he boxed better and better, and in the third round he already reigned undivided.

Men 80 kg: Oleksandr Khyzhniak (UKR) vs Gabrijel Veocic (CRO) RSC 2

A one-sided duel from the very beginning. Khyzhniak set off in his style from the first gong, flooded his rival with a hail of punches and Veocic was already being counted out at the end of the first round. In the middle of the second round, after another count, the referee stopped the uneven fight, declaring Chyzniak the winner.

Men 92 kg: Jack Marley (IRL) vs Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine (ITA) PKT 0-5 [27:30, 27:30, 27:30, 27:30, 27:30, 27:30].

The Italian is a heavyweight fighter, but he is fast like a light heavyweight fighter. And this is his main asset. Today he fought from the defense, using his reflexes and speed, not letting the Irishman spread his wings. A sure victory in all rounds with all judges.