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Jacqueline Seifriedsberger of Austria won the inaugural competition on the normal hill in Zakopanen. The winner achieved two comparable, very good distances in both series of jumps: 99 and 98.5 meters scoring a total of 262.6 points.

The Austrian was ahead of runner-up Nika Prevc of Slovenia and her compatriot Marita Kramer. The best of the Poles, Anna Twardosz, took 25th place; only two other Polish athletes qualified for the second round, by the way.

Today’s jumping competition during the III European Games on plastic was held under difficult atmospheric conditions – the athletes were not only hampered by rain falling from time to time, but also by the wind appearing on the hill’s inrun. This caused that in several cases the athletes waiting for the start were pulled off the beam and had to wait for the weather to improve and the wind to weaken. After the end of both rounds of jumps, the ladies emphasized, by the way, that the weather was an outstanding hindrance to good results, although each of them practically competed under similar conditions, so the results were relatively fair.

Today’s competition was dominated by athletes from Austria and Slovenia taking turns to take the first six places. The women’s individual competition in Zakopane inaugurated the discipline at the III European Games. Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 28, the men’s individual competition will also take place at the Średnia Krokiew. According to the latest forecasts, there are chances that tomorrow the weather will allow the competition to be held in better conditions. Fans are also hoping that the Polish jumpers will perform better tomorrow than today’s women, who finished outside the top 20 in the final qualification.

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