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Preparations for the Games are not slowing down. On Thursday and Friday last week, training sessions were held for volunteer coordinators, who will work closely with volunteers in all locations of the Games – in each city and at each sports venue – during the 12 days of the sports festival.  

The two-day training, held at the Novotel hotel in Krakow, brought together the entire team of volunteer coordinators, who carefully prepared to make organizational and operational issues related to activities during the event more consistent. Knowledge of, for example, equipment for volunteer centers or issues related to promoting the department was unified. The subject of the upcoming completion of recruitment for volunteers and, consequently, the training of those selected to help organize the Games was also addressed.

– We train coordinators in general knowledge. We talk about the European Games themselves, safety during the event, the very important first aid, communication, and the cities and disciplines. There is a lot of information, but it is organizationally important for coordinators and future volunteers,” says Berenika Baranowska, Director of the Volunteer Division.

The meetings also covered very important legal aspects, issues of insurance for volunteers, as well as equipping them with things they will need while working at the event. The organizers also discussed operational matters – what the venue looks like, volunteer rooms and volunteer centers at specific venues.

Leadership training sessions, scheduled for a selected group of volunteers, will also be held in May and early June. The leadership trainings will again be attended by volunteer coordinators, and the meetings will mainly serve to get them acquainted with the volunteers. Everything so that they can establish initial collaborations and start joint activities.

Volunteers who have volunteered to help with the organization of the Games are a very diverse group – from completely young people without any volunteering or work experience, to people with a great deal of experience and familiarity with the international, sports environment, to seniors who, despite their age, are still very energetic and looking for opportunities to undertake interesting activities. The greatest interest among volunteers is in Krakow and Zakopane – it is in these cities that most of them want to realize themselves. Sports volunteering, sports presentations, ceremonies, and the volunteer center are the departments that are most popularly chosen, and among the disciplines the leader is climbing and ski jumping.

Numerous activities also await volunteers – team-building meetings, interesting workshops and trainings, as well as city games. The organizers are putting a great deal of work into preparing all those who will help with the Games, ahead of the activities that await them during the largest sports volunteer program in Poland.

Already, the organizers will also present the results of the recruitment for volunteers soon. Out of the thousands of candidates who applied to help organize Poland’s largest multidisciplinary event, those who most closely match the organizers’ expectations will be selected. For each selected volunteer, it will certainly be an unforgettable adventure that they will remember for many years to come.