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The Krakow-Malopolska European Games are just 30 days away! Therefore, fans waiting for the biggest multidisciplinary event of the year will not be bored, all thanks to the accompanying events. One of them is the European Pair Blitz Chess Championship.

The tournament will be attended by eight leading chess federations, which, as of 1.03.2023, had the best average FIDE ranking of pairs.

Thus, representatives of Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, France, Romania, Germany, Armenia and the Netherlands will come to the capital of Malopolska. Each team will consist of one player above 2650 (classical classification) and one female player above 2350 (classical classification). We have just learned the composition of the national teams that will visit Poland in June.

The colors of the Polish national team will be defended by: Jan Krzysztof Duda (2724) and Oliwia Kiełbasa (2422).

Other national teams:

Azerbaijan: Mamedyarov Shakriyar (2738), Mammadzada Gunay (2449).
Romania: Kirill Shevchenko (2684), Irina Bulmaga (2422)
Ukraine: Volokitin Andrei (2674), Buksa Nataliya (2406)
Spain: Jaime Santos (2656), Ana Matnadze (2393)
Armenia: Shant Sargsyan (2630), Elina Danielyan (2416)
Israel: Maxim Rodshtein (2606), Efroimski Marsel (2444)
Netherlands: Benjamin Bok (2607), Eline Roebers (2363)

The European Pairs Rapid Chess Championship will be held on June 19, 2023 at the Krakow Opera House.